2022 Call For Abstracts

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Additional information:

– This year the main format will be oral presentations. Depending on the number of presentations, some submissions may be assigned as electronic posters. Authors will be informed ahead of time.

– Further details regarding the presentation format will be provided once abstracts are accepted.

– All submissions, including electronic exhibits or posters, require attendance and registration by at least one of the authors.

– The presenting author is responsible for all expenses associated with the submission and presentation.

– The presentation should not contain commercial promotional content.

– Submissions must be HIPAA-compliant. Patient identifiable information should not be included.

– Borrowed materials should not be presented as if they are your own.  Such material should be labelled with appropriate credits and/or citations.  Ideally, authors should inform the creator of non-copyrighted content beforehand.


Here is a summary of the sequential registration steps for authors eligible for the member-in-training category:

  1. If you are eligible, apply for a free member-in-training ENRS membership at https://enrs.org/membership/

a. Shall be a physician in an ACGME or RCPSC-accredited Neuroradiology fellowship program, a physician completing a radiology residency, or a current medical student.
b. Candidates for Member-in-Training must be sponsored by their respective program director. Applicants who are members of the ASNR, or any of the societies it manages, do not have to provide a sponsor.

2. Obtain confirmation of ENRS membership. Note that it can take a few business days for an application to be reviewed and processed. Confirmation of membership approval should be received prior to meeting registration.

3. Register at the member-in-training discounted rate for the ENRS meeting using the same email address as used for ENRS membership. Register at https://enrs.edusymp.com/product/details/841